About the show

London – the best city in the world; a melting pot of diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship where everyone is on their grind. Eight entrepreneurs with big dreams are seriously about to raise their game in the entertainment business…It’s about to get super busy!

We all dream of being successful, but the struggle is real. Status London, a new reality based web series follows the lives of eight ambitious Londoners all on a mission to pursue their goals of achieving success within the entertainment industry with fearless determination.




Status London invites you on a journey into the world of its cast members including one of the UK’s top promoters and DJ, Mr Play, radio host Amanda Star, DJ Melody Kane, radio presenter Jade Avia, celebrity Makeup artist and photographer Mr Gorgeous, Matchmaker Siobhan Copland, comedian/Actor Travis Jay and personal trainer and boxer Seb Eubank

Each episode will take you behind the scenes into the everyday lives of these upcoming public personalities, all who’ve attained a certain degree of success but are now looking to take things to the next level with bigger and better opportunities. Status London brings you up close and personal with some familiar faces within the industry all ready to share their experiences with you.



Curated and produced by Londoners, Status London depicts the modern black British experience of ordinary individuals trying to achieve extraordinary things. The first series explores relatable themes including identity, stereotypes, relationships (personal and professional), “the struggle” and the meaning of ‘status’.

Imagine waking up everyday and getting paid to do what you love…How much are you willing to sacrifice? In a city where many come to chase their dreams, only a few are brave enough to give it their all. Watch these eight determined Londoners on their journeys to make it happen. This is Status London.